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Working from Not Work: How Twitter Does It


Our experience since March 2020 has led teams to explore new ways of working, even after the pandemic ends. Many organizations have shifted to a work-from-home model for non-front line workers. Some suggest that working from home is more productive and provides a healthy work-life balance, while others worry about creating and maintaining organizational culture and social relationships, which are key to collaboration and productivity.

Some organizations are exploring the mix of remote work and being in the office, while others such as Twitter have announced a permanent remote work policy.

Join us for a conversation with Michele Austin of Twitter. We'll talk about:

  • Twitter's experience with remote work;
  • Productivity facts and myths;
  • Tips and best practices to thrive in a remote work environment.


  • Michele Austin, Head, Public Policy, Government @TwitterCanada


Taki Sarantakis,President, Canada School of Public Service

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