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CSPS Virtual Café Series: Artificial Intelligence with Gillian Hadfield, Karen Hao, and Shingai Manjengwa (rebroadcast)


Artificial intelligence (AI) is almost everywhere these days. From personalized recommendations on Amazon to lane-assist technology in our vehicles, AI has the power to simplify our lives and our work. As research advances, we can expect to see AI used in ways that we cannot even imagine in 2021.

Yet concerns about the use of AI persist, especially where the cost of failure is high or where issues related to bias, transparency, and privacy have the potential to create negative outcomes for individuals and society. How are researchers grappling with these challenges? What questions should public servants ask themselves when considering the use of AI?

Revisit the conversation as our guest panelists discuss the challenges involved in advancing AI technology, including:

  • the role of AI in shaping future prosperity
  • how to address human bias in design
  • what effective AI governance might look like and the role of government

Learn more about the CSPS Virtual Café Series.


  • Gillian Hadfield, Director, Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society, University of Toronto, @Ghadfield
  • Karen Hao, Senior AI Reporter, MIT Technology Review, @_KarenHao
  • Shingai Manjengwa, Director, Technical Education, Vector Institute for AI and Founder of Fireside Analytics, @Tjido


Neil Bouwer, Vice-President, Innovation and Policy Services, Canada School of Public Service, @jdneilbouwer

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