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CSPS Virtual Café Series: Keeping Canada Safe – Talking National and Public Security


Protecting the security of Canada is essential to our nation's prosperity and sovereignty. As our lives become more connected and transformed by digital innovation, we are increasingly exposed to malicious cyber actors. Security challenges triggered by a shifting global order are impacting the integrity of Canadian institutions and the protection of Canadian interests. Our responses to these threats, in turn, affect how we deal with issues of privacy, transparency and personal freedom.

Join us for the second event in the Virtual Café Series featuring David Vigneault, Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and Monik Beauregard, Associate Deputy Minister at Public Safety Canada, in conversation with Daniel Jean, former National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. Together they will explore, among other issues, the kinds of threats facing Canada today, the evolving public safety landscape during the pandemic, and the national security implications of our increasingly difficult relationship with China.

Video: Keeping Canada Safe – Talking National and Public Security

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  • Monik Beauregard, Associate Deputy Minister, Public Safety Canada
  • David Vigneault, Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service


Daniel Jean, Former National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister

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