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CSPS Virtual Café Series: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Alika Lafontaine


People are often encouraged to be the change they want to see in the world, but only a  few truly rise to the challenge. Dr. Alika Lafontaine is one of those exceptional few. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, with proud roots in the Cree and Anishinaabe traditions, Dr. Lafontaine has worked tirelessly to advocate for health care transformation for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

In this powerful event, Dr. Lafontaine will talk about what it was like to be appointed the first Indigenous President of the Canadian Medical Association, an institution as old as Canada itself, and how his background and upbringing shaped his professional aspirations. He will also discuss the critical health challenges facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada today.

Participants will gain an appreciation for the ways that racial discrimination towards Indigenous Peoples presents itself in health care settings. They will learn about obstacles preventing equitable health care for Indigenous people across Canada and why the medical community, politicians and policy-makers need to listen to Indigenous voices.

Video: CSPS Virtual Café Series: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Alika Lafontaine

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Alika Lafontaine, M.D., President of the Canadian Medical Association


Nathalie Laviades Jodouin, Vice-President, Public Sector Operations and Inclusion Branch, Canada School of Public Service

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