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CSPS Virtual Café Series: Climate Change – Where Do We Go From Here?


Climate change is one of greatest risks facing humanity. Already, our natural world is being altered in many ways, with frequent extreme weather events threatening communities, resulting in damage and devastation, and a growing number of species pushed to extinction.

Many parallels can be drawn between climate change and the current COVID-19 pandemic: they both have the potential to massively disrupt our lives and our economies, they do not respect national boundaries, and they cannot be addressed by countries in isolation. Faced with the enormity of the global challenge that climate change presents, we must continually examine the role that Canada and Canadians can play in finding solutions, becoming more resilient, and being better prepared for a wide range of outcomes.

Join us for a CSPS Virtual Café event featuring Jocelyne Bourgon, President of Public Governance International and former Clerk of the Privy Council; Dr. Catherine Potvin, Professor of Biology at McGill University and Canada Research Chair in Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical Forest; and Nick Xenos, Executive Director for the Centre for Greening Government at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, as they discuss climate change risk and resilience. These speakers will consider questions,  such as: "What does setting our society on a sustainable climate trajectory look like?" and "Has the COVID‑19 pandemic helped or hindered action on climate change?"

Video: CSPS Virtual Café Series: Climate Change – Where Do We Go From Here?

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  • Jocelyne Bourgon, President, Public Governance International
  • Dr. Catherine Potvin, Professor, Department of Biology, McGill University
  • Nick Xenos, Executive Director, Centre for Greening Government, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

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