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CSPS Virtual Café Series: Gig Work and the Reshaping of Modern Markets


From Uber to Fiverr, to Taskmaster, these digital platforms, fuelled by new technologies and expectations, have radically changed the nature of work and services. Moving away from the use of traditional, long-term employment models and protections to the use of short-term, payment-by-task independent gig workers, these online marketplaces have generated immense wealth for private companies, often at the expense of the workers.

How did we get here? What underlying conditions led to the rise of these inequitable markets, and what role is there for government policymakers to moderate the imbalance of power between businesses and the vulnerable workers they employ?

Join this event featuring Wingham Rowan, British entrepreneur and President of Modern Markets for All, who will discuss:

  • the challenges facing irregular workers in today's economy
  • steps taken by governments in the past to correct market inefficiencies and how this applies to current problems in the gig economy
  • ways in which policy could help reshape the relationship between irregular workers and their employers

Video: CSPS Virtual Café Series: Gig Work and the Reshaping of Modern Markets

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Wingham Rowan, Entrepreneur and President, Modern Markets for All


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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