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CSPS Virtual Café Series: Social Media, Trust and Building Healthy Communities


Social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook have brought about a new sense of community to an already global audience. Such platforms, in conjunction with telework, online shopping, virtual health care, and instant communications, have become indispensable tools at home and at work.

This frank and compelling event invites early social media adopters Naheed Nenshi, former Mayor of Calgary, and Marsha Lederman, journalist with the Globe and Mail, to discuss how social media has helped them to engage with the public, develop brand trust and build stronger communities. They will also share their perspectives on how to build healthy online communities, and how to respond to some of the more negative aspects of social media such as online harassment.

Participants will gain valuable perspectives on current issues related to social media use, including echo chambers, disinformation and the spread of strife.

Participants interested learning about how to engage effectively and responsibly on social media platforms are encouraged to add Navigating Social Media as a Public Servant (TRN125) to their learning plan.

Video: CSPS Virtual Café Series: Social Media, Trust and Building Healthy Communities

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  • Naheed Nenshi, Former Mayor of the City of Calgary
  • Marsha Lederman, Journalist, Western Arts Correspondent, The Globe and Mail


Vanessa Vermette, Director General, Communications and Engagement, Canada School of Public Service

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