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Workplace Harassment and Violence: Helpful Resources and Tips

Workplace harassment and violence: Helpful resources and tips - video on demand

When harassment, discrimination, violence or conflict occurs in the workplace, it can be difficult to know who to turn to or how to ask for help. We may also fear reprisals, be unsure about how to support a co-worker or worry about the burden of the complaints management process. The good news is that there are many internal services that can provide you with guidance and support during these difficult times.

In this video, representatives from these services—including Informal Conflict Management Services, the Employee Assistance Program and Workplace Health and Wellness Services—presented the resources they offer in order to help prevent and resolve situations of workplace harassment and violence. They provided advice, guidance and solutions.

Let's work together to improve our workplace by pursuing this critical conversation.

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  • Alexandre St-Jean, Ombudsman and Director, Office of the Ombudsman, Ethics and Conflict Resolution, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Gilles Hubert, Senior Program and Policy Analyst, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Philippe Harpin, Senior Advisor, Values and Ethics Division, Global Affairs Canada
  • Marie-Josée Lemieux, Assistant Director, Foundational and Specialized Learning Directorate, Canada School of Public Service
  • Michelle John, Senior Program Officer, Employee Assistance Services, Health Canada


Lyne Landriault, Subject Matter Expert, Foundational and Specialized Learning Directorate, Canada School of Public Service


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