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Winning Strategies for Developing Innovative Policies and Programs


To succeed in a rapidly shifting global environment, Canadian businesses must adapt to new realities and pivot away from traditional ways of doing business. In doing so, finding unique niches and using policy mixes to create economic advantages will be critical.

This timely event will examine the important role of policy‑makers and program managers in creating innovative and winning strategies, and how to use collaborative and adaptive approaches to develop robust policies and programs for businesses and high-growth firms.

Participants will get an inside look at how governments, policy‑makers and program managers can adopt winning strategies when designing new and innovative policies and programs.


  • Iain Stewart, President, National Research Council of Canada
  • Francis McGuire, President, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • Dan Breznitz, Clifford Clark Visiting Economist, Department of Finance Canada
  • Andrea Johnston, Assistant Deputy Minister, Innovation Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic Development


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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