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Confirm your status as an executive

The course or event you selected is exclusively reserved for executives. Your profile on the learning platform does not recognize you as a member of the executive community.

If you are at the executive level in an indeterminate or acting position, please use one of the two options below to update your profile:

Option 1: Update your learner profile yourself:

  1. Sign in to the School's learning platform.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Account information.
  4. Scroll down to Current classification and start typing the first letters of your classification, such as EX, and select it from the list. If necessary, update other information on this page.
  5. Select Save.

Option 2: Contact the School's Client Contact Centre to have your profile confirmed and updated by one of our agents.

Executive occupational group

The executive group comprises positions located no more than three hierarchical levels below the deputy or associate deputy level and that have significant executive managerial or executive policy roles and responsibilities or other significant influence on the direction of a department or agency. This includes all EX classification positions, as well as equivalencies such as REX-EX-11 and DM-01 to DM-03.

Eligible executive group classifications
  • Executive Group, EX-01 to EX-05
  • Deputy Minister, DM 01 to DM-03
  • Canada Energy Regulator, NEB 13-14-15
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Grade 13-16
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, MGT and RLE 01-04
  • Defence Scientific Services, DS 7A, 7B and 8
  • Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, FT-05 to FT-08
  • Governor in Council, GCQ, GC, GX appointments in full-time management positions
  • House of Commons, HCX-1 to HCX-5
  • Indian Oil and Gas, AB 9-14
  • Justice Canada, LC-01 to LC-04
  • Library of Parliament, LEX-01 to LEX-05
  • Medical Officer, MD-MOF 4 and 5
  • Medical Specialist, MD-MSP 3
  • National Capital Commission, RE/RÉ 8-11
  • National Research Council, MG 01-05
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Canada, GR-EX-01 to GR-EX-05
  • Parks Canada, PCX 01-05
  • Office of the Auditor General, DX, AGS-07, PX, ASG-08, AAG, CE, DAG
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, REX-07 to REX-11
  • Senate, SEG
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, GR-EX-01 to GR-EX-05

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