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Public Servant-in-Residence Initiative: Application

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Personal information

(List all relevant university-level or equivalent education. This may include past or current fellowships, publications, memberships in professional societies or organizations and teaching or research experience. You may also include relevant experience gained in the workplace.)


(List any relevant awards, achievements or other significant forms of academic or professional recognition.)


Summarize how you have consulted with your proposed university and who you have consulted with, and outline the university's support for having you as a PSIR.

Typically, your contact is the head of the program or school in which your proposed residency will take place. Please confirm that all the areas of your proposed residency (for example, teaching, research, special projects) have been discussed and are supported by the university immediately prior to submitting your application.

Host university contact information

Please demonstrate clearly which of the Government of Canada priorities, as stated in various documents such as the Speech from the Throne and the Budget, your assignment would address, as well as which departmental priorities, as stated in the minister's mandate letter, Departmental Plan, etc., will be targeted by your proposed assignment. In addition, you must provide information on how the knowledge gained on campus will be transferred to the federal public service.

Your work plan should indicate the duration of your assignment (6 months to 2 years) and provide information on activities, timelines, roles, responsibilities, and partners (if applicable), as well as details on how, to whom and when the deliverables and knowledge will be disseminated or transferred. Each of the project activities must be clearly associated with a concrete, tangible deliverable (courses, job aids, conferences, mentoring, research papers, etc.).

Please provide details on all key elements of your proposed objectives and work plan. For example, if you plan to teach a course, it is suggested that you include the title of the course, when it will be taught, and its frequency. If you are proposing to undertake research, you can indicate the topics, questions, significance, design and methodology of the research, as well as the concrete results expected.


Please state how this assignment will strategically advance your development and how it will benefit you during your residency and when you return to the public service.

How would this assignment allow you to accomplish career objectives, advance personal goals, and enhance your capacity to deliver on your current or future roles and responsibilities? Would the assignment help achieve items in your learning plan, such as enriching official language capacity or becoming proficient in a certain subject area? What would be the immediate and long-term benefits of this developmental opportunity?


Please state how your assignment will benefit your sponsoring federal organization and the federal public service as a whole.


Please state how your residency will establish or strengthen linkages between the federal public service and the university, and outline the expected value of the residency from the perspective of the university.


Please state how you intend to support federal public service recruitment while on campus.

Discuss the initiatives you will undertake to support recruitment, branding, mentoring, and awareness of federal employment opportunities. If there is a deputy minister university champion Note* for your proposed campus, please indicate your willingness to help support the champion's work plan and activities.


Please describe why you believe you will be successful in this academic assignment. For example, list your past or current fellowships, publications, past or current membership in relevant professional societies or other organizations, and any relevant teaching or research experience.

Explain how your experience and expertise align with the objectives and work plan of the residency you propose to undertake.

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