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Rethinking Leadership GC, Episode 1: Welcome to Rethinking Leadership GC (TRN4-P08)


In this episode of the Rethinking Leadership GC podcast, host Robert Armstrong sets the stage and previews what to expect in this podcast series.

Duration: 00:01:21
Published: June 10, 2021
Type: Podcast

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Rethinking Leadership GC, Episode 1: Welcome to Rethinking Leadership GC

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Transcript: Rethinking Leadership GC, Episode 1: Welcome to Rethinking Leadership GC

[Robert Armstrong] Hello and welcome to Rethinking Leadership GC, a podcast series that aims to inspire and challenge your personal leadership journey. My name is Robert Armstrong. I'm currently a regional manager of HR programs at Public Services and Procurement Canada, and I've been a federal public servant for over 20 years with half of that time spent at the Canada School of Public Service.

[Robert Armstrong] For many of us, key moments in our leadership adventure are marked by conversations with mentors and colleagues both inside and outside of the public service. They help us re-engage with our own teams, and more importantly, with ourselves. Over the course of this podcast series, I'll be speaking to prominent voices in the field on leadership and how their experiences, challenges, and achievements can inspire us. I look forward to taking this journey together.

[Robert Armstrong] For related Canada School of Public Service content, I encourage you to visit the website where you can find programs and resources that will help you develop a human centered approach to leadership in your workplace on an everyday basis.

[Robert Armstrong] I'm Robert Armstrong. Thank you for joining us. And I look forward to our conversations ahead.


Any views or opinions presented in this podcast are solely of the individuals themselves and do not necessarily represent those of the School or the Government of Canada.

Speaker: Robert Armstrong, Regional manager of HR programs, Public Services and Procurement Canada

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