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Coffee Break Randomizer (TRN4-J39)


This job aid provides a how-to for scheduling rotational coffee breaks that encourage random pairs of team members to connect, collaborate, network and build stronger relationships at work.

Published: March 9, 2023
Type: Job aid

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Coffee Break Randomizer

Remote and hybrid work is eliminating informal exchange with colleagues in many organizations. The Coffee Randomizer is an organizational networking initiative with virtual coffee breaks. It helps teams in building strong relationships, getting to know teammates across the organization, igniting innovation, and exchanging knowledge.

  • Decide on a half –hour time and day in the week that can be scheduled in everyone's calendar (Possibly on a non-meeting day).
  • Compose an invitation email or any other polling tool available in your organization, asking people to respond or 'vote' if they are interested in participating. 


  • Collect names of interested participants.
  • Create a spreadsheet or use an online tool with dates and random pairs of participants (could have everyone meet everyone, or only the people on other teams, depending on the purpose of the initiative).


  • Send out a recuring calendar invitation, which includes a link to the spreadsheet.
  • Set the group norms: i.e., participant 1 confirms meeting time with participant 2 and reschedule if needed.
  • Encourage participation.

Follow up

  • Follow up and seek timely feedback on this initiative.
  • Follow up on success stories or team collaborations that are raised from the Coffee Randomizer.
  • When everyone has spoken to everyone once, repeat, and encourage additional team members to participate.

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