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Learning Journal for EXecuTALK: Building and Maintaining a Culture of Inclusion (TRN4-J15)


This job aid serves as a learning journal to support your experience following the EXecuTALK: Building and Maintaining a Culture of Inclusion event.

Published: March 22, 2021
Type: Job aid

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Learning Journal for EXecuTALK: Building and Maintaining a Culture of Inclusion

As leaders in the federal public service, executives play an important role in fostering a culture that enables inclusion and helps build a diverse public service. In his recent call to action on anti-racism, equity and inclusion, the Clerk of the Privy Council challenges executives to take meaningful steps towards diversity and inclusion, stating that inaction is not an option.

In this EXecuTALK senior leaders will share their experiences, insights and advice on how to enact meaningful change towards a culture of inclusion in the federal public service. Participants will discover how they can identify and help eliminate barriers to inclusion, tackle their own biases and limiting beliefs, and ensure that they are creating an environment where different perspectives are listened to and acted upon to improve programs, policies and services.

This learning journal is designed to support your experience of this EXecuTALK. It is a place to collect your thoughts and consider your next steps in your role as an executive.

Using this Learning Journal

This is your time and your space to address your relationship with a very serious subject. Take that time. Download this journal or print out a copy; research supports the benefits of putting pen to paper. It will help you consider how your learning applies to your work and your responsibilities as an executive. Take notes! Use mind maps or link key words to form and broaden ideas and perspectives. Reflection is key to learning.

Pre-EXecuTALK Reflection

As a first step, acknowledge how you are feeling about the topic of this EXecuTALK. More specifically, what are your thoughts and how do you feel about the executive role in building a culture of inclusion? This document is intended only for you so be as honest as you feel comfortable. Are you interested in building and maintaining a culture of inclusion? Are you aware of the strategies involved and, if yes, have you considered some of these strategies in the past? Are you simply swamped and overwhelmed and wondering how to fit this into your list of priorities? Something else?

Take notes. Use colour, pictures, drawings, headlines, flow charts. The space is yours.

Post-EXecuTALK Action

  • What strategies have you tried in the past that were successful in creating a culture of inclusion?
  • What action (s) will you now take that will fit well with your organization?
  • What are some key elements that help maintain the culture of inclusion?
  • What part of this EXecuTALK surprised you?
  • What resonated with you?
  • What inspired you?
  • How will you be a role model?
  • How will you bring this back to your organization and lead the change?

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