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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 11 – Balance (WMT2-J11)


This job aid provides tips and resources to assist managers in addressing psychosocial risks and creating a psychologically healthy workplace, with a focus on work-life balance.

Published: April 27, 2020
Type: Job aid

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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 11 – Balance

Balance is represented in a workplace where there is emphasis on the importance of work/life balance. Everyone has multiple roles: manager, employee, parent, partner, etc. This complexity is enriching and allows fulfilment of individual strengths and responsibilities, but conflicting responsibilities can lead to role conflict and overload.

Balance: Where to Start?

Take Action!

Represent positive work/life balance behaviour by taking time for yourself and your mental health, such as taking your allocated breaks and entitled leave, as well as signing up for the Canadian Innovation Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace.

Provide training opportunities for your supervisors to support both themselves and their employees in the management of work/life balance (see Canada School of Public Service Courses listed below).

Allow flexible work arrangements to enhance work/life balance where possible, such as compressed work schedules, telework agreements, variable work hours, part-time work, and combination of leave and work, as per the provisions of their Collective Agreements or Terms and Conditions of Employment.

Encourage your employees to take breaks and avoid working overtime to prevent job burnout by reminding them not to check their work email on weekends and/or stopping by their desks at lunch and suggesting that they take a break.

Advise your employees to track any overtime work and follow-up with them to make sure they are compensated for their overtime hours, and encourage them to take their compensatory leave for time off work when needed.

Additional Resources

To assess each psychosocial factor, you may use the Organizational Review Worksheet and Survey Tool provided by Guarding Minds at Work.

Developed in collaboration with the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace.

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