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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 4 – Civility and Respect (WMT2-J04)


This job aid provides tips and resources to assist managers in addressing psychosocial risks and creating a psychologically healthy workplace, with a focus on civility and respect.

Published: April 27, 2020
Type: Job aid

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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 4 – Civility and Respect

Civility and Respect are present in a workplace where employees are respectful and considerate in their interactions with one another, as well as with customers, clients and the public. Civility and respect is based on showing esteem, care and consideration for others, and acknowledging their dignity.

Civility and Respect: Where to Start?

Take Action!

Adopt and promote inclusive, non-discriminatory language at all times, and maintain the confidentiality of employees' personal information in all communications.

Provide and encourage your employees to register for training on respectful workplaces, diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias (see Canada School of Public Service Courses listed below).

Communicate the guidelines in the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector or your organization's code detailing expectations and consequences for inappropriate behaviour by planning a discussion in your next staff meeting agenda.

Regularly discuss respect in the workplace and ensure that policies on respect are clearly displayed, accessible and distributed to all staff (i.e. Intranet, bulletin boards and posted around your office).

Immediately address disrespectful behaviour, conflict, bullying, harassment or violence to maintain a positive workplace. Ensure timely action and follow-up with all parties involved.

Additional Resources

To assess each psychosocial factor, you may use the Organizational Review Worksheet and Survey Tool provided by Guarding Minds at Work.

Developed in collaboration with the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace.

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