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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 6 – Growth and Development (WMT2-J06)


This job aid provides tips and resources to assist managers in addressing psychosocial risks and creating a psychologically healthy workplace, with a focus on employee growth and development.

Published: April 27, 2020
Type: Job aid

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Mental Health Job Aid for Managers: Psychosocial Factor 6 – Growth and Development

Growth and Development are present in a workplace where employees receive encouragement and support in the development of their interpersonal, emotional and job skills. This type of workplace provides a range of internal and external opportunities for employees to build their repertoire of competencies.

Growth and Development: Where to Start?

Take Action!

Encourage your employees to seek out training opportunities and establish their learning and development plan (see Canada School of Public Service Courses listed below).

Regularly discuss career planning and aspirations with your staff during one-on-one discussions, such as bilateral meetings, and support those who wish to progress in their career.

Encourage and provide your staff with growth opportunities, such as job-shadowing, job-sharing, coaching, and mentoring as development tools.

Establish a talent management plan including opportunities for developmental assignments (as explained in the Directive on Performance Management) for employees who are exceeding expectations.

Provide opportunities for your staff to develop career advancing skills, such as involving them in special projects or helping other team members with tasks that might be slightly more advanced than their current job description.

Widely communicate internal and external opportunities for personal and professional growth and development, such as networking opportunities, interdepartmental events, or job postings related to their interests.

Additional Resources

To assess each psychosocial factor, you may use the Organizational Review Worksheet and Survey Tool provided by Guarding Minds at Work.

Developed in collaboration with the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace.

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