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Top 10 Practices for Cultivating a Learning Culture (TRN4-J41)


This job aid lists the top 10 best practices for cultivating a learning culture, including experimentation, prioritization and knowledge sharing.

Published: March 9, 2023
Type: Job aid

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Top 10 Practices for Cultivating a Learning Culture

Ensure Learning is Top Priority

To build a true learning culture, the concept of learning should be ingrained in all of us from day one of joining a department/agency. Effective onboarding and career long learning is the emphasis.

Set Aside Time To Learn

Impending deadlines, on-going projects, endless meetings -it's hard to find time to learn. Letting everyone know they have the time should foster a culture of learning. Research shows 2 hours per week of learning increases productivity and connection.

Experiment with Learning Methods

There are a myriad of ways for us to learn that are waiting for us to experiment with. A blended learning approach could include webinars, podcasts, blogs, articles, discussion groups etc.

Empower SMEs to create learning content

Utilize your subject matter experts and get them to recommend and create content for colleagues to gain knowledge from –in other words encourage knowledge sharing/transfer at all levels.

Promote Learning Wherever You Can

It's time to unleash your inner marketer and promote learning throughout your organization.

Create a Library of Resources

Whether it is using your CSPS learning platform or a folder on your desktop think about creating an eportfolio which captures all your learning.

Integrate Learning in Everyday Work Life

To make learning a habit in your organization, it needs to be intertwined into your day-to-day life. Day-to-day learning practices can be informal. Simply having a chat about a process or interesting article with your team can be a regular learning opportunity.

Make Knowledge Sharing a Habit

If you find information that’s helpful to you in your role, chances are it's going to help out someone else in your organization, so why not share it? The best learning cultures have open communication.

Link to Leadership

Leaders can be active participants in the learning itself through coaching or mentoring. They can be learning advocates, continuously promoting and encouraging learning.

Reward Employees For Learning

Recognition is important. Have organization wide initiatives that reward your teams for their hard work.

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