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Thrive Series: Team Toolkit: User Guide to Me

Team relationships

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."

Margaret Mead

A user guide to me is a personal user manual - a document which helps others on the team understand how they can work best with you. It is a living document which explains how you work, how to work with you, what value you bring, your preferences, your needs and your blind spots.



User Guide to Me (TRN4-J40)

This job aid serves to capture personal insights about your preferred working conditions, hours of work, communication styles, professional needs and more.


How to use

How to use

  1. Download the job aid and review the questions
  2. Tailor the questions to meet your team needs
  3. Engage your team and encourage all team members to fill out the guide
  4. Provide a timeline for all team members who are participating to complete and review each others' guides
  5. All completed guides should be saved in a shared, and secure space, which is accessible to all team members (GCdocs, SharePoint, OneDrive)
  6. Create opportunities in team meetings to discuss and share each guide. The information in these guides will help team members better adapt and connect with each other.
  7. Continue to iterate the questions in the guide and repeat this exercise as needed
  8. Remember to send the guide to new employees as they join the team
  9. Reflection - How has your team benefited from this learning?

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