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Preparing a Two-Minute Briefing (FON1-J07)


This job aid illustrates what steps to take to deliver an effective briefing in only 2 minutes.

Published: April 25, 2018
Type: Job aid

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Preparing a Two-Minute Briefing

Step 1 – Think

Who is your audience?

What do you need from them?

What do you need?

  • Decision?
  • Support?
  • Agreement?

Who are you briefing?

  • What are their concerns or priorities?
  • How does your request fit into these?

Step 2 – Develop

Visualize and practise mentally

No script!

Start (30 seconds)

  • Prepare a yes/no question.
  • State three key elements to support it.

Develop (80 seconds)

  • For each key element, elaborate three sub-elements: A (I, II, III) B (I, II, III) C (I, II, III)

End (10 seconds)

  • Reformulate your initial yes/no question.

Step 3 – Deliver

Are you ready?

Important considerations:


  • Get and keep audience’s attention
  • Establish the importance of the request
  • State three important elements of the request
  • Define elements with just enough detail
  • Address audience’s concerns
  • Use facts and logic
  • End Reformulate your request at the end


  • Breathe normally
  • Speak conversationally
  • Avoid monotony by varying intonation
Spoken Language
  • Use plain language
  • Avoid unfamiliar acronyms, technical terms
  • Avoid distracting repetitions (i.e. “so…” or “you know…,” etc.)
Body Language
  • Make eye contact
  • Remain confident
  • Keep hands still or use sparingly for expression

Deliver in under two minutes.

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