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Completed Access to Information Requests: January 2015

Completed Access to Information Requests – January 2015. Request numbers are listed in the first column. Read down the first column and then to the right for the summary of the request, disposition and number of pages released.
Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Released
A-2014-021 A list of all official briefing notes provided to the President and tracked in the departmental tracking system from November 1 to 30, 2014. Exclude Cabinet confidences. All disclosed 1
A-2014-024 In regards to the Professional Development and Certification Program for the procurement, materiel management and real property community, provide a list of all courses in the program provided by the Canada School of Public Service, any contractor that has been utilized (if available) and when the course was last given in the last two years. Also provide, as far back as you have statistics for, the number of attendees in total and for each time a course has been offered. All disclosed 53

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