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Completed Access to Information Requests: November 2017

November 2017: Completed Access to Information Requests. Request numbers are listed in the first column. Read down the first column and then to the right for the summary of the request, disposition and number of pages released.
Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of Pages Released
A-2017-00015 All classroom materials provided to students at a CSPS session entitled "How Washington Really Works for Senior Executives," held in Washington, DC in 2017. Please include any materials provided during any pre-program sessions. Disclosed in part 172
A-2017-00020 All course materials for course M711 Developing a Statement of Work. All disclosed 920
A-2017-00021 All course materials for old course #C255: Values and Ethics Foundations for Employees (FON301). All disclosed 796
A-2017-00022 All course materials for course C223 Aboriginal Considerations in Procurement. All disclosed 611
A-2017-00023 All course materials for course C210 Introduction to Risk Management. All disclosed 684
A-2017-00024 I would like a copy of the response and any subsequent ATIP documents released for ATIP A-2014-00001. Disclosed in part 9
A-2017-00025 I would like a copy of the response and any subsequent ATIP documents released for ATIP A-2014-00002. Disclosed in part 29
A-2017-00026 Copy of all emails, notes and briefing notes, including a search of ARCHIVED EMAILS and ARCHIVED ELECTRONIC RECORDS, which refer to the Interchange Canada Agreement for J&G Bethell Consulting and/or Gini Bethell for 2013, 2014 and 2016, including for Linda Lizotte-MacPherson, Danielle May-Cuconato, Nathalie St. Onge, Maria-Chantal Eynoux, Gail Gosselin, Jim Bethell, James Bethell, Gini Bethell and the Treasury Board Secretariat. Disclosed in part 59
A-2017-00027 Copy of email exchanges, including ARCHIVED EMAILS, between Nathalie St. Onge and/or Maria-Chantal Eynoux with the Treasury Board Secretariat which refer the Interchange Canada Agreement and/or contract with J&G Bethell and/or Gini Bethell for 2013 and 2014. Disclosed in part 25

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