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Briefing Executives in Two Minutes or Less (TRN1-V16)


This video explains how to prepare and deliver a succinct briefing when seeking a decision from an executive.

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Published: October 3, 2023
Type: Video

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How-To: Briefing Executives in Two Minutes or Less

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Transcript: How-To: Briefing Executives in Two Minutes or Less

Do you need a decision from an executive? You can get it in two minutes or less!

A quick and effective briefing has three steps:

  • The Ask
  • The Supporting information
  • The Re-ask

For each step, the key is to be concise and persuasive! Tailor your brief to your audience's needs.

You may ask yourself questions like:

  • How does your request matter?
  • What is the existing knowledge level on the subject?

Step 1: the Ask.

You will ask for EXACTLY what you need. 
First, formulate a clear "yes" or "no" question.
This forces you to come up with an action plan.
Then, state three key points to support your ASK.
The whole thing should take less than 30 seconds.

Step 2: the Supporting information.

Your supporting information is adding elements to what you've already provided to further the importance or relevance of your request.
For each key points stated in the ASK, support them with 2 to 4 sub elements. This should take less than 80 seconds.

Step 3: the Re-ask.

In the last 10 seconds,  reformulate the original question without repeating it. No recap is needed.

Take time to craft an outline that will help you stay focused during your delivery, but avoid writing a script.

During your delivery, remember to pace yourself, pause briefly between your ideas.
Use short sentences and language suitable for your audience.
Avoid distracting repetitions.
Virtual considerations include adjusting your camera angle, checking your sound quality, and proper lighting.
If your request meets the needs of your audience, two minutes may be all you need!

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