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Government of Canada Data Conference 2023: Data Culture Enablement At Natural Resources Canada (DDN3-V10)


Natural Resources Canada is implementing a unique approach to data culture, maturity and skills.

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Published: February 15, 2023

Event: GC Data Conference 2023: About the conference

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Government of Canada Data Conference 2023: Data Culture Enablement At Natural Resources Canada



Transcript: Government of Canada Data Conference 2023: Data Culture Enablement At Natural Resources Canada

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At Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Forest Service has developed a comprehensive organizational, change management approach to leverage the strategic value of our data. The Data Culture Enablement Process is a dynamic corporate asset which helps inform decisions, promotes data driven policies, program delivery and strategies.

The DCEP provides a comprehensive seven step approach to promoting data culture, maturity and data literacy and skills. So why did we decide to focus on organizational change management to tackle data culture and literacy?

[slide: Data as a Strategic Asset]

Data is at the heart of everything that we do. All of us, every single one of us, are now data workers. We are now data enabled through our technology, through our software, through what we're being asked to do. So, if data is at the heart of technology process and people, culture is the environment in which all of that is enabled and enhanced.

[slide: The Challenge]

Our primary purpose as an organization program or activity is to contribute to impact, then data is at the heart of creating impact and data. Culture is how we manifest that impact. Currently we find data in silos and in different places. We know we need to change. We've heard that from the GoC digital ambition data strategy.

Our DCEP data model and data culture process are at the heart of making that transformation. What we learned through our pilot is that data skills and literacy are the fire that stokes data maturity and culture and contributes to our data strategy and digital transformation.

[slide: Logic Model]

Ultimately, we want to utilize our immense data resources as a core strategic asset. We want to make sure we recognize that all employees are data literate based on specific data personas. Data use leads to information, knowledge, and insights for better decision-making, and, eventually, moves the department's data maturity and culture forward.

[slide: Process Model]

When an organization starts to think of itself as a data department, first and foremost, this is when data maturity is achieved, and its data culture thrives.

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Start your data journey now. Contact me, Francis Loughheed for more information on our data enablement process: the DCEP.

Closing slide: Without data you are just another person with an opinion.

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