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Government of Canada Data Conference 2023: Data maturity at the Canada Border Services Agency (DDN3-V10)


Canada Border Services Agency is advancing its organizational data maturity by hardwiring data and analytics in governance and other measures.

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Published: February 15, 2023

Event: GC Data Conference 2023: About the conference

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Government of Canada Data Conference 2023: Data maturity at the Canada Border Services Agency



Transcript: Government of Canada Data Conference 2023: Data maturity at the Canada Border Services Agency

CBSA is ensuring that data needs are considered up front as we build our data maturity across the Agency.

Our Data Strategy 2.0 is based on solving business problems across our branches and ensuring that we all benefit from the story our data is telling.

We are updating the Agency's investment planning and project approval process by embedding data governance questions at many phases.

Also, Data teams across Canada are maturing through the adoption of self-serve analytics for real-time performance reporting.

Every CBSA employee plays a part in collecting the trusted data we need to gain valuable business insights.

This Data Journey video encourages staff to understand their roles and grow their data skills.

In today's information age, data is everywhere, and the demand for it to be accurate and timely keeps increasing.

At the CBSA, everyone has a role to play in the data journey – from when data is collected to when it is used to make a decision.

  • Border Services Officers gather data on travellers and commercial goods
  • Analysts prepare reports and dashboards to support recommendations based on the data

The Agency also has data on its finances and employees. This is called corporate data.

From the moment data is collected, it should be reliable and of high quality so it can be trusted to support informed decision-making to improve our operations.

It is also important to protect the data by ensuring the right security measures are in place.

Once data is entered into our systems, it needs to be cleaned by removing duplications, fixing formatting and finding missing data.

When data within the CBSA is collected in a consistent way using data standards, then it is ready for analysis. Linkable data allows for different data sets to be brought together to tell a more complete story as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

By analyzing and creating tables or charts and by finding links between the data elements, this new information can help explain key trends. Using large historical datasets, data scientists can use data models to predict likely outcomes in the near future.

This helps us make informed decisions and recommendations. At the CBSA, it can help us determine when Ports of Entry are busiest and ensure they are well staffed.

Everyone has a role to play in the CBSA's Data journey – including you!

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