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A Conversation with the Clerk (Short version)

A Conversation with the Clerk (Short version)

Description: Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick shares his thoughts on the importance of GBA+ with School Faculty Member Erika Nahm.

Date: October 11, 2018

Duration: 00:01:23


Erica Nahm: Can you share with us your views on how we as a public service can ensure that we do GBA+ better?

Michael Wernick: Public service is made up of people, human beings. And human beings have ways of thinking about issues, of looking at the world, of interpreting what they see, of making decisions, full of conscious and unconscious biases. What GBA+ gives us the opportunity to do is be more rigorous about surfacing those, identifying them and mitigating them.

We are not a simple country. We are a very complex, very diverse country, and we will continue to evolve in the future. Therefore, our governments have to not just follow these trends, but also provide leadership.

A lot of this is teachable and learnable, and so our learning institution can play a big role in reaching public servants. And the feedback from the people that come to the School, that use the School, will simply make the courseware better in years to come.


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