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Inclusive Hiring: Five Tips on Diversifying Your Workforce (COR1-V09)


This video presents five tips to ensuring an inclusive hiring process.

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Published: April 18, 2021
Type: Video

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Inclusive Hiring: Five Tips on Diversifying Your Workforce

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Transcript: Inclusive Hiring: Five Tips on Diversifying Your Workforce

Inclusive hiring is essential to creating a diverse workforce that reflects all Canadians. And small changes to your practices can produce big results

Here are five tips that can help:

  1. Planning

    Ask yourself how your hiring process could contribute to the Government of Canada's goal of increasing the diversity and talent in its workforce. Take the time to identify barriers faced by members of different communities and their previous hiring experiences so you can use inclusive hiring practices from the start.

  2. Effective merit criteria

    Establish merit criteria that reflect the qualifications required and be careful in the use of superlatives, such as "recent" or "significant," which can be a barrier. Ensure that both the French and English versions are equivalent. Avoid reusing merit criteria from old processes without first questioning their relevance.

  3. Posting the job opportunity

    Post your job ad in an accessible format that is written concisely, in plain language, and uses inclusive terminology. Try to use social media and job posting platforms to further promote the opportunity to specific communities. Be sure to include a contact name for accommodation requests.

  4. Assessment

    Ensure that the assessment effectively measures qualifications without favourable or unfavourable, conscious or unconscious bias. Select assessors who represent diversity and ensure an objective, merit-based assessment. Throughout the process, inform candidates that they have the right to request accommodation at every step of the process.

  5. Appointment

    Ensure that your choice of candidate contributes to creating diverse and inclusive teams with a wide range of skills, competencies and strengths to serve Canadians with excellence.

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