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Beyond the Duty to Consult: Indigenous Perspectives (IRA1-V07)


This video features a panel discussion on the Government of Canada's duty to consult with Indigenous Peoples, the need for open and ongoing dialogue, and an understanding of Indigenous perspectives.

Duration: 00:02:05
Published: May 25, 2021
Type: Video

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Beyond the Duty to Consult: Indigenous Perspectives



Transcript: Beyond the Duty to Consult: Indigenous Perspectives

One thing that I think is really important about the duty to consult is that it touches every single business line in every single department, in all of government of Canada. So it really has a way as an obligation of really impacting everything we've been tasked to set out to do. And it does so in a way that also touches every region in Canada, all the Indigenous groups, all distinctions. And so really thinking that through, we can imagine it's such a powerful tool for reconciliation to have this opportunity to have conversations.

And so often we're very warmly welcomed into communities to to have this dialog. And so I think that this is a way, you know, how we take on consultation and how we take on delivering the activities that we do in government is a really great opportunity for us to build and renew our relationship. So kind of that is one message I think I'd really like to give.

We know that the duty to consult and our obligations have been evolving a lot over the decades   and for a lot of reasons, we have a lot of legal interpretations, we have a lot of legal decisions and most recently as yesterday. And but we also have a lot of policy drivers and we have a lot of other intent as well. We we are really here in Canada to rebuild a relationship. And if we can use this as a tool, not just because it's kind of a box checking or an obligation, one more obligation, that we have, to view it as something that this is an opportunity for us to kind of reset how we've built relationships in the past. I think that's a good way for us to view it.

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