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Introduction to Coaching (TRN4-V21)


This video provides a brief introduction to coaching and the coaching curriculum at the Canada School of Public Service.

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Published: December 1, 2022
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Introduction to Coaching



Transcript: Introduction to Coaching

Draft Script for the Micro-Learning Video: An Introduction to Coaching

What is Coaching?:

Coaching is a process of personal discovery in support of achieving professional and personal goals by actively listening and asking powerful questions.

Coaching can take many forms: individually or in a group, with a certified coach or with peers using a coaching approach.

Did you know that coaching can contribute to an organization's success?

Coaching can help us work better because it offers public servants critical support such as:

  • Reducing stress and increasing resilience
  • Enhancing self-awareness and self-management
  • Encouraging better communication and increasing trust
  • Providing accountability in taking action

All of which can positively impact performance, productivity and job satisfaction.

Coaching uses curiosity and creativity to encourage clarity and a deep commitment to your goals.

Federal public servants have a fundamental role to play in serving Canadians, their communities and the public interest. This all begins with employees who think, feel and act like responsible partners, continuously developing and contributing to our successes.

There is a notion that coaching is expensive and can only be made available for a select few, but it can be made more accessible by teaching public servants how to use a coaching approach to mobilize, influence and inspire.

Visit the Canada School of Public Service website to learn more about coaching courses and job aids for learners at all levels.

  • Introduction to Peer Coaching (TRN401)
  • Coaching for Effective Leadership (TRN402)
  • Developing Successful Coaching Relationships (TRN439)

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