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Psychosocial factors: Introduction to Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Description: A very short introductory video on psychological occupational health and safety that highlights the fact that personal mental health is as important as occupational health and safety. It explains that the next 13 videos will cover 13 psychosocial factors present in the workplace.

Date: April 24, 2020

Duration: 00:00:31

Resolution: 1080p


Did you know that 70% of working Canadians are concerned about psychological health and safety in the workplace?

Psychological health and safety means preventing harm to mental health, and promoting psychological well-being.

Mental health and safety is just as important as physical health and safety, let's face it, there is no health without mental health.

Learn how you and your workplace can work to improve the 13 factors for psychological health and safety in the workplace.

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