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Leadership Learning: The Right Training for the Right Talent

Leadership Learning: The Right Training for the Right Talent

Description: Numerous programs are available to help you transition into your new leadership role.

Date: April 17, 2018

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From newly appointed supervisors to assistant deputy ministers, you have opportunities to learn and grow into your leadership role or beyond it.

Come to the Canada School of Public Service to nurture budding talent.

Our Key Transition Programs are designed to equip you for success in your new role today, while Talent Management offerings strengthen the development of leaders for tomorrow.

Whether you're growing your own career or helping someone shine, you're building the future of the public service.The School provides many learning opportunities: Tto enhance the skills you need to move your career forward... and to develop the capacity your employees need to grow in theirs.

Our transition programs are tailored to welcome you to every new level and to develop your leadership capacity.

Perfect for your learning plan!

The Supervisor Development Program is for those identified by their organization as newly appointed supervisors. Sharing best practices for People Management, this comprehensive program lays the groundwork for supervising the day-to-day performance of individual employees and small teams.

The Manager Development Program is for those identified by their organization as newly appointed managers. It provides a foundation for managing not only people and processes, but also the resources for which managers are accountable.

The New Directors Program, specifically designed for those who are new to the executive cadre, equips executives to meet expectations for delivering results through leadership and relationship-building.

The Directors General Program will guide those who are newly appointed to the next level within their organization in further developing their influence and collaborating across boundaries.

The Assistant Deputy Minister Orientation, for newly appointed assistant deputy ministers or equivalents, focuses on collaborative leadership to build a strong community of senior leaders in the public service.

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Build the leadership community

Employers, nominate the promising employees reporting to you for the Aspiring Directors Program. Employees with the potential to reach the executive level within two years, selected through your department's internal talent management process, will get the tools they need to prepare for leadership.

The Executive Leadership Development Programs, delivered in partnership with the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer, offer cohorts at two levels: EX-1 to EX-3 and EX-4 to EX-5.

At the EX-1 to EX-3 level, the program allows participants to explore their leadership role in translating vision into action—enabling innovation, fostering collaboration and delivering results for Canadians.

At the EX-4 to EX-5 level, meanwhile, the program participants deepen their personal leadership in a trusted and well-integrated community of their peers, building a global mindset to help them set a strategic direction and vision for their organizations.

The future is bright, the future is now!


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