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Winner of the Ninth National Student Paper Competition - Aisha Barkhad


This video features Aisha Barkhad, winner of the ninth National Student Paper Competition, who answers questions about her experience during and after the competition.

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Published: March 9, 2023
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Winner of the 9th National Student Paper Competition - Aisha Barkhad



Transcript: Winner of the 9th National Student Paper Competition - Aisha Barkhad

Hi, my name is Aisha Barkhad and I'm a Ph.D. student at McMaster University and the winner of the ninth annual National Student Paper Competition.

So would you recommend the National Student paper competition to other grad students and why? Yes, I would. I think it's an opportunity to talk about your passions and create policy solutions.

What was your main recommendation to solve the issue you chose? My main recommendation was to incorporate a one health approach to the national adaptation strategy that will be released this year by the Government of Canada.

How did you come up with your topic? My topic is something that I'm passionate about. It's something that I've worked towards my entire life from an academic career, so it was natural for me.

Why did you participate in the National Student Paper competition? Firstly, to challenge myself. Secondly, to reach a certain goal in terms of what I'm passionate about. And finally, to hopefully win.

Describe your experience with the competition in a couple of words. I'll choose maybe two words. It was inspiring and it was fulfilling. That's it.

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