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Indigenous Learning Series Trailer (IRA1-V06)


This video features Indigenous leaders and public servants, who discuss the meaning of reconciliation.

Duration: 00:01:38
Published: February 8, 2017
Type: Video

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Indigenous Learning Series Trailer



Transcript: Indigenous Learning Series Trailer

Reconciliation is a word I've only started using recently. The fact that we're even having this conversation is quite inspiring.

The opportunities for reconciliation are everywhere.

It means learning about our history, learning about what we've gone through.

To break down those ideas and stereotypes, to inform others… That's what we have to do.

This is part of ensuring that Canada is a fair and inclusive country.

I think it is important that we learn the lessons from our history, so that we can better serve all Canadians.

We all work as a public service. We're a family.

As a public servant, what do I need to know to better serve the Indigenous community?

There are a number of things that public servants need to be aware of in order for us to have a better relationship.

When you're talking about relationships and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples, it's almost like, "Why don't you just dust off the one that already exists?"

We talk about first steps. These are the first steps.

You must think about these steps with your heart.

You're beginning to get a picture that what is good for us is good for you, too.

Reconciliation, to me, starts with me.

I say meegwetch to you all. Meegwetch.

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