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Executive Leadership Development Program for EX-04 and EX-05

The Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) provides targeted development opportunities for executives at EX-04 to EX-05 level. The ELDP is a nomination based program with participants identified through the talent management process. The program supports the development of dynamic, high-performing leaders to meet the needs of the federal public service in a rapidly changing world. Participants are supported by mentors as they deepen their personal leadership style in a trusted and well-integrated community of their peers. Through interactive and experiential learning, participants are challenged to broaden their perspectives on leadership, emerging trends and key challenges for public sector leaders.

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About the program

During this cohort-based program, participants will:

  • Meet senior leaders and experts from various sectors (federal, provincial/territorial, municipal, non-governmental organizations, academic and private sectors, etc.)
  • Expand their knowledge of Canada and the international context
  • Have access to a collaborative, broadened and diversified professional network
  • Increase their understanding of key leadership competencies, cultural connectedness and their own self-awareness
  • Travel within Canada and the United States (subject to public health requirements)


The Executive Leadership Development Program - EX-04 to EX-05 requires a commitment of approximately 27 days of learning, spread out over 12 months. The program includes:

  • 22 days of group learning modules
  • Approximately 5 days allocated for individual learning activities including psychometric assessments, meetings with a mentor, small group discussions, and other activities that may vary by cohort.

Overview of Group Learning Modules

  • Module 1: Kick-off: 1 day
  • Module 2: The Fundamentals: 3 days
  • Module 3: Leading in the Global Arena: 3 days
  • Module 4: How Washington Works: 2 days (not including travel)
  • Module 5: Big Ideas and Pivot Points: 3 days
  • Module 6: Pioneering Innovation: 2 days (not including travel)
  • Module 7: Diversity and Inclusion: 2 days
  • Module 8: Advancing Reconciliation: 2 days
  • Module 9: The Senior Leader: 3 days
  • Module 10: Graduation: 1 day


The selection of participants is managed by the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer. For more information please visit The Executive Leadership Development Programs (ELDP) -

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