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Development programs

The School offers a selection of comprehensive development programs that support public servants at all levels and across disciplines and departments, and which lay the groundwork for a common public service culture based on shared values, ethics and priorities.

Program Description
Authority Delegation Training Program This program provides the essential information needed for managers and executives to successfully obtain and execute their delegated authorities in the areas of human resources, finance and procurement.
Supervisor Development Program: Virtual Edition This program offers a practical, hands-on approach to learning the core functions of the supervisory role and key concepts such as leadership, communication, delegation and engagement—all with an emphasis on people management.
Manager Development Program: Virtual Edition This program is an important step in the learning path for new managers, offering valuable insights into the roles and accountabilities of managers in the federal public service, and the expectations placed upon them.
Aspiring Directors Program This program is a guided development activity for identified candidates to reflect on the competencies that are critical to the success of executives in the federal public service.
New Directors Program This program provides an opportunity for new executives to better understand their role as a director within the Government of Canada and acquire the skills needed to effectively lead in today's work environment.
Executive Leadership Development Program for EX-01 to EX-03 This program gives senior public servants an opportunity to deepen their leadership role in enabling innovation, fostering collaboration and delivering results for Canadians.
Executive Leadership Development Program for EX-04 and EX-05 This program is a unique opportunity for participants to deepen their personal leadership in a trusted and well-integrated community of their peers.

Interdepartmental programs and initiatives

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