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Canada at the Cutting Edge of Innovation: National Identity and Belonging


National identity, whether it is in relation to the country of our birth or the land we later embrace as home, carries significant meaning. Besides providing a framework to understand our place in the world, it can serve as a source of pride and contribute to a sense of belonging and feelings of solidarity.

Identity, however, can also lead to experiences of exclusion by creating divisions between "us" and "them." With violence against ethnic minorities on the rise around the world and more attention being paid to issues of immigration, prejudice and racism, we must carefully consider how inclusion is defined within national borders.

Join us for a fascinating presentation and fireside chat with political scientist Yasmeen Abu-Laban on the complexities of our national identities.

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Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in the Politics of Citizenship and Human Rights, University of Alberta, and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Fellow


Catrina Tapley, Deputy Minister, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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