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CSPS Data Demo Week: Data-Driven Contracting Using AI


Every year, the federal government signs tens of thousands of contracts for the procurement of a wide range of goods and services. The process of drafting, negotiating and managing contracts demands the time and expertise of multiple business lines and functional experts across organizations. These processes can be slow and time consuming as they are throttled by bottlenecks and manual processes.

By approaching the process at a more fundamental level, organizations can use artificial intelligence (AI) like natural language processing (NLP) to unlock more granular insights, improve processes, and offer a better overall experience to business lines and internal service providers alike.

Toronto-based Arteria AI has developed a modular, AI-enabled, data-first digital documentation solution that offers organizations data-driven contracting and processing. Learn how this approach enhances and streamlines the document-generation, negotiation, workflow, execution, and extraction processes that organizations apply daily to remove the risk, speed up execution time, and ultimately allow for a deeper understanding of the data within their documents.

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  • Joe Schwartz, Sales, Strategy & Product Manager, Arteria
  • Abrar Huq, Chief Revenue Officer, Arteria


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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