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Data Conference 2020: Unlocking the Power of Data

Data Conference 2020: Unlocking the Power of Data


On February 13 and 14, 2020, join the Canada School of Public Service and National Defence as they co-host the fourth annual Government of Canada Data Conference.

Participants will discover the growing data community in the public service and learn about current applications of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in government.

The conference features four engaging discussion streams:

  • Data Foundations: The foundational elements needed to work with data, including data literacy, data curation and preservation, master data and reference data, data hygiene, governance, policy, and strategic approaches
  • Data Application: How data and data science are operationalized and applied—how data scientists work with data, and how end‑users (subject-matter experts, business decision makers, consumers) interact with data, big and small
  • Data Security: The protection of digital information as well as the integrity of the infrastructure housing and transmitting digital information
  • Government Data as a Service: Reorganizing the work of government to deliver better public services by removing silos and improving accountability and efficiency using a shared digital platform


Participants will hear from senior leaders and distinguished experts, notably:

  • Ian Shugart, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet
  • Jim Balsillie, Co-founder of the Council of Canadian Innovators and CIO Strategy Council
  • Hillary Hartley, Chief Digital Officer for the province of Ontario and Deputy Minister for Digital Government

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