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Annual Digital Open Government Forum: The Future of Work - Shaping the Public Service of Tomorrow Together


In less than two years, the global pandemic changed the future of work forever. For example, 83% of workers worldwide identified a hybrid model as the most optimal for the future of work. What was once an unthinkable way of working for many organizations, including the public service, has now become an immediate reality.

As the public service and other employers are preparing for the future of work, how do we shift, rethink traditional processes, and reinvent the way we work to ensure that we are ready for those changes?

This event explores what the future of work may look like and how public servants succeed in this new reality. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • the impact of the changing labour market, particularly with increased work flexibility and opportunities for easy job transitions
  • how to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality to enable human-machine partnerships
  • the challenges that come with the workspace of the future
  • how to ensure that all public servants are equipped with the tools, skills and training to collectively drive a culture shift with a focus on diversity, accessibility, inclusive growth and the fostering of socio-economic inclusion for all


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