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The New Economy Series: Standards and Governance


Digitization and all-out connectivity are changing the game in virtually every sector of the economy. Soon, billons of devices will connect to 5G networks, data creation will continue to accelerate and technological evolution will outpace the regulatory cycle. This new era requires a new generation of technology standards.

However, standards are not neutral. Major international players like China, Russia and the United States have strategies to leverage technology standards to enhance their competitive advantage and protect their domestic markets. Canada must also adopt a proactive approach, including intentional government intervention and a public service well versed in the issue, or it risks being at an economic disadvantage to countries that do.

The sixth event in the New Economy Series examines the importance of standards in the digital economy and how Canada can be a leader in the development of international technology standards. The session will explain what standards are, why they matter and which tools and strategies can help the public service respond effectively.

Video: The New Economy Series: Standards and Governance

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  • Marta Janczarski, Sector Specialist, Standards Council of Canada
  • Michel Girard, Senior fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation
  • Keith Jansa, Executive director, CIO Strategy Council

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