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EXecuTALK: The Executive Sponsor: Making Room for New Voices


While there have been advancements in achieving greater gender parity in the federal public service, gaps still exist in the representation of racialized groups within the executive cadre. Whereas allyship is considered fundamental for cultivating a culture of inclusion, sponsorship is a proactive mechanism that can be instrumental in helping to advance a career.

Collectively, allyship and sponsorship can help mitigate against unconscious bias and address systemic barriers in the workplace. Along with investing in supportive workspaces and creating a robust culture of learning and development, executives are being called upon to actively support career opportunities for underrepresented employees through sponsorship.

In this EXecuTALK, speakers will share their personal experiences with sponsorship and how it positively impacted their careers. Executives will be invited to consider how they can leverage their unique position to support the professional growth of Black employees and other racialized employees and make space for new voices to thrive.

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  • Paula Folkes-Dallaire, Director General, Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Gail Johnson, Ph.D, Chief Human Resources Officer, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Caroline Xavier, Associate Deputy Minister, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


Nathalie Laviades Jodouin, Director General, Respectful and Inclusive Workplace, Canada School of Public Service

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