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Leadership in the Modern and Post-Pandemic Context Series: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workers and on Their Health


The digital revolution and artificial intelligence are transforming the tasks of knowledge workers. They are also transforming the role of these workers and their organizational identity. This transformation will affect the future of human resources, the psychological health of workers and the ways that they collaborate, which will in turn lead to humans and machines joining forces.

This event will address the challenges and issues of implementing artificial intelligence in organizations and its impact on workers.

Participants will learn about approaches and tools that contribute to a better strategic management of the implementation and use of artificial intelligence, both within their organization's teams and across the organization itself.

This event is part of the Leadership in the Modern and Post‑Pandemic Context Series and is presented in collaboration with Université Laval's Faculty of Business Administration.


Julie Dextras-Gauthier, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Université Laval

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