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Leadership Series: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


The World Economic Forum has identified emotional intelligence (EI), otherwise known as emotional quotient (EQ), as one of the top 10 employment skills for 2020. Yet even after three decades of research into EI/EQ, including at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and progressive leadership development programs at Google, Nike, Amazon and Microsoft, the theory remains poorly understood by many. What exactly is EI/EQ, and why is it so important?

Join the event as David Cory, an international expert in the integration of emotional intelligence and leadership development, taps into concrete, evidence-based models of EI competency levels and explains how coaching can support you and your team in developing these competencies.

Participants will be able to:

  • explain what EI/EQ is and why it matters
  • take away five key ways to develop EI competencies
  • understand the power of coaching as a tool for developing EI

Video: Leadership Series: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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Opening and closing remarks

France Hutchison, Coach and Learning Specialist, Transferable Skills Faculty, Learning Programs Branch, Canada School of Public Service


David Cory, President and founder of the Emotional Intelligence Training Company and Certified Master Trainer in Emotional Intelligence. He has worked with leaders in progressive public and private sector organizations, post-secondary institutions, and governments around the world.

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