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Leadership Series: Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for Public Servants


Emotional intelligence is a foundational pillar of leadership effectiveness. Emotions drive people. People drive organizations. So understanding and leveraging the role our emotions play in workplace environments can benefit all public servants.

Back by popular demand, David Cory, a master trainer and international expert on the integration of emotional intelligence and leadership development, is ready to unpack his emotional intelligence toolkit for leaders at all levels in the public service.

By exploring what emotional intelligence is and why it matters, this practical event will demonstrate the critical link between leadership and emotional intelligence and introduce insights and tools to help participants enhance their emotional competencies.

Video: Leadership Series: Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for Public Servants

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David Cory, President and Founder of the Emotional Intelligence Training Company and Certified Master Trainer in Emotional Intelligence


Sarah Plouffe, Executive Faculty Member and Director, Executive Learning Services, Canada School of Public Service

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