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Leadership Series: Using Team Pulse Surveys to Support Engagement


Having the right tools to succeed in today's work environment can directly impact team success, as well as employee motivation and performance. Team pulse surveys are anonymous, short surveys that are sent regularly through digital channels to members of a work team to assess their working environment, including elements such as employee engagement, satisfaction, relationships, workload management, and more.

This event will highlight the benefits of using team pulse surveys to monitor and respond to workplace needs, including practical advice on how to design and implement your own team pulse survey. Join John Medcof, Lead Faculty at the Canada School of Public Service, to learn about how he has successfully leveraged this tool within his own team.

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John Medcof, Lead, Faculty, Canada School of Public Service


Monique Ramdhan, Director General, Executive Learning, Canada School of Public Service


Lori Brooks, Director General, Learning Policy and Services Directorate, Employment and Social Development Canada

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