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Meet the Author

The Meet the Author series is a modern spin on the concept of a book club, with an over-arching objective to connect people with ideas, engage in dynamic discussions and build relationships. The Canada School of Public Service is launching the series with the intent to showcase inspiring speakers/authors working on a wide range of topics and areas.

The first event of the series was launched on May 16, 2019, and featured guest speaker Moura Quayle, acting director of the University of British Columbia's School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, and professor in the Sauder School of Business' Faculty of Arts.

Event Information

This event is offered in person and via webcast to all public servants. There is no registration cost associated with this event.

Amanda Clarke — Opening the Government of Canada: The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age


As public servants wrestle with old traditions, new disruptions and paradigms in the digital age, Amanda Clarke's new book, Opening the Government of Canada: The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age is a timely read. Amanda has been interviewing public servants and analyzing the federal government's path towards greater openness and collaboration since the mid-2000s. Her book also examines some of the barriers to adopting this level of change, including the conflict between convention and reform. What she found will be of particular interest to public policy and administration practitioners and academics. From the democratic principles of the Westminster system, to today's open and digital culture, her book and this event offer something for everyone.


Amanda Clarke

Amanda Clarke, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University, and author of Opening the Government of Canada: The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age


Neil Bouwer, Vice-President, Innovation and Policy Services, Canada School of Public Service

Past event

Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson


Public policy decisions are based on understanding how our society will look in the future. But what if we're wrong?

Contrary to popular wisdom, world population growth is declining and this disruption will have widespread impacts. We are aging and the trend may be irreversible. This phenomenon will have significant consequences for policy makers, governments, families and the economy for decades to come.


John Ibbitson

  • John Ibbitson: In a career spanning 3 decades, Ibbitson has worked as a reporter and columnist for the Ottawa CitizenSoutham News, the National Post, and, since 1999, The Globe and Mail. He also served as the Globe's Queen's Park bureau chief, Washington bureau chief and Ottawa bureau chief, becoming Chief Political Writer in 2012 and Writer at Large in 2015.
  • Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada, Statistics Canada


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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