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Removing Bias and Building Trust in Your Data


We are living in a digital age where data powers government services and decision making. As a result, it's everyone's business to understand how data works. Yet, how do you ensure that the data governments and businesses collect is being used responsibly, ethically and constructively? Are there gaps and biases in the data? Is the data being interpreted in a way that fosters inclusion, equity and positive outcomes for all citizens?

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion as top national and international experts help you better understand data in the context of government decision-making. Learn to identify data biases; how to ask questions about your data; the role of the public service in building data literacy in this digital age; and other relevant topics.


  • Alain Beaudoin, Secretary to Cabinet, Results and Delivery, Privy Council Office
  • Shingai Manjengwa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fireside Analytics Inc
  • Amy Hawn Nelson, Ph.D, Director of Training and Technical Assistance, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
  • Tawana Petty, Data Justice Director for Detroit Community Technology Project
  • Ima Okonny, Chief Data Officer, Employment and Social Development Canada


Lynn Barr-Telford, Assistant Chief Statistician, Social, Health and Labour Statistics, Statistics Canada


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