Support for organizations

Supporting your priorities

Learning is about more than individual careers—it's essential to keeping the public service nimble and adaptable in a rapidly shifting environment. The School is here to help your organization rise to the challenges of the day and serve both the Government and Canadians with excellence.

The School's learning opportunities address needs and priorities across the enterprise. Multiple avenues of consultation with senior leaders, executives and communities of practice—including committees at various levels and a network of organizational points of contact—help us stay on top of what's important.

Together, we're building a public service culture that values learning and creates the time and space for employees at every level to hone their skills.

Working with Canada's universities

Academic relations and initiatives
Learning and development for executives, support to leaders working with universities and advancement of shared objectives.

Access to language training products for service providers

Access to language training products
Access to the School's language training products offered to private-sector organizations that provide language training services to the Government of Canada through standing offers.

Access to artificial intelligence products and service providers for regulations

Artificial intelligence and regulations – list of qualified suppliers for federal departments
Access to the School's list of suppliers qualified through the Request for Proposals process 24062-19-096 entitled "Artificial Intelligence Insights into Regulations."


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Gender-based Analysis Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus

Understand the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

Gain insight on Canada's shared history with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples.

Language maintenance tools

Language maintenance tools

Improve your English or French language skills.

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