Welcome to the School's podcasts! Our series will feature a range of learning content on topics such as public service innovation, project management, Indigenous learning and much more!

Episodes are produced for and by public servants and contain expert advice, interviews, analyses, and stories that will pique your interest and support your learning needs.


Leading Projects in the Government of Canada

In today's federal public service, successful project delivery is no longer just about being on time and within budget. It is about planning and executing projects in an agile way, with new roles, responsibilities and expectations for project leaders. This podcast series is designed with and for public service leaders to enable and support projects that deliver real benefits. Listen to the podcasts by clicking on the links below.

Sitting by the Fire

The Canada School of Public Service offers all sorts of learning activities related to Indigenous culture and history. That is because all public servants have a role to play in reconciliation. Through this podcast series, we will offer topics that will expand your knowledge of First Nations, the Inuit and Métis. We will hear from Indigenous people from all over Canada. With them, we will engage in simple, sharing and truthful conversations, like those of friends gathered around the fire. We will share stories, many stories, in keeping with the oral tradition of Indigenous teachings. So pull up a log, and follow us on the School's website, or on the podcast app of your choice! Listen to podcasts using AppleGoogleSpotify, or Anchor

Innovate on Demand

The Government of Canada is constantly looking for new ways to train public servants in an innovative and modern way. The launch of a series of podcasts by and for the federal public service, focused on innovation, will allow public servants to learn about innovative projects and processes. Listen to podcasts using AppleGoogleSpotify, or Stitcher

How to Survive as an Executive

A series of learning podcasts for and about Canada's public service executives. The goal is to share best practices among executives across the globe and inspire the next generation of leaders everywhere. In conversation with a host, executives will reveal aha! moments, impart words of wisdom from their mentors, and look back on the failures that ultimately led to lessons learned. Listen to podcasts using Apple, Google, Spotify, or Anchor.



Information for Government of Canada employees: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Updates for employees on COVID-19, telework, advisories, messages and resources to share.
COVID-19: Learning resources

COVID-19: Learning resourcesNew

Learning resources to support public servants during the COVID‑19 pandemic.

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