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Learning Journal for EXecuTALK: Allyship and the Executive Ally (TRN4-J16)


This job aid serves as a learning journal to support your experience following the EXecuTALK: Allyship and the Executive Ally event.

Published: January 27, 2021
Type: Job aid

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Learning Journal for EXecuTALK: Allyship and the Executive Ally

When it comes to confronting systemic racism and racial discrimination, policies and programs that promote diversity and inclusion play a key role in driving change. That said, research demonstrates that: a culture of allyship at the leadership level is also required to foster true and lasting inclusion.

This EXecuTALK explores the concept of "proactive allyship" as a lifelong journey. The guest speakers will discuss how executives can contribute to a culture of allyship, including ways to authentically acknowledge the problem of racial discrimination, admit past mistakes, and engage in difficult conversations, with the aim of advancing collective learning, accountability and growth.

This learning journal is designed to support your experience of this EXecuTALK. It is a place to collect your thoughts and consider your next steps in your role as an executive.

Using this Learning Journal

This is your time and your space to address your relationship with a very serious subject. Take that time. Download this journal or print out a copy; research supports the benefits of putting pen to paper. It will help you consider how your learning applies to your work and your responsibilities as an executive. Take notes! Use mind maps or link key words to form and broaden ideas and perspectives. Reflection is key to learning.

Pre-EXecuTALK Reflection

As a first step, acknowledge how you are feeling about this EXecuTALK. More specifically, what are your thoughts and how do you feel about the topic? This document is intended only for you so be as honest as you feel comfortable. Are you curious? Are you thinking it's about time we make this a priority? Are you swamped and overwhelmed and wondering how to fit this into your list of priorities? Something else?

Take notes. Use colour, pictures, drawings, headlines, flow charts. The space is yours.

Post-EXecuTALK Action

  • What do you want to start doing?
  • What do you want to stop doing?
  • What do you want to keep doing, but do more of or more often?
  • What surprised you? What touched or moved you?
  • What inspired you?
  • How will you be a role model?
  • How will you bring this back to your organization and lead the change?

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